Burning Ones History

Michael and Anna are the visionary architects for Burning Ones. In 2012 while on a long fast the Holy Spirit spoke to Michael’s heart and said these words, “Continue to be a Burning One and I will raise up Burning Ones all around the world.” Burning Ones was not established in an attempt to build a great organization. Burning Ones was the natural outflow of a heart posture and life that Michael and Anna have committed the rest of their days to living.  It was a few years later, while again on a long fast and in prayer, the Holy Spirit spoke again. This time there was a clear invitation into the nations of the earth. The Holy Spirit began to give beautiful clear instructions through a vision of five rivers flowing out of the life of Michael and Anna, Burning Ones, and what they were to give the rest of their lives to.  It is through this incredible history of walking with God in the place of fasting and prayer that all of our life efforts have found their definition. It is a great joy, and the wildest adventure of life, to follow Jesus!
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