Why join a Life Group?

From the beginning of time God has intended every human begin to be in relationship. That relationship is meant to help us grow as believers and also to offer support to each other in our times of need. With the hectic pace of life we have now, we all could use sometime to just build those relationships. So try out a Life Group and start living you life to the fullest, the way God intended.

How often will my Life Groups meet?

Don’t worry, Life Groups aren’t designed to eat up your schedule. Your Life Group will meet once a week for 60 to 90 minutes for 8 to 12 weeks.

What will the people be like in my Life Group?

Look around at a Sunday Service…A Life Group is basically 15 or so people who get together once a week to discuss the topic you have chosen.

How can I be sure that there is a Life Group for me?

  • Convenient locations close to your home matter, so Life Groups are offered all over the Peninsula. Once you sign up, the group leader will contact you with the specific address of the group’s meeting place.
  • A variety of Life Groups allow you to choose your topic of study, along with those who share life experiences similar to yours.


Becoming a Contagious Christian

TYPE: General
LEADER: Dough Scott
LOCATION: Overflow Room – Near Coffee Shop
DAY & TIME: Sunday 5:00 PM – Sept. 23rd
DESCRIPTION: Becoming a Contagious Christian
This course is a 6-week video series that was developed by Willow Creek Church that is known around the world for its effective outreach to unchurched people. This course is a personalized approach to relational evangelism that will equip you to share your faith in ways that make you a people magnet. People have had their fill of “religion” and are looking for authentic people who have answers to real life questions and issues.

Living From the Presence (Heidi  Baker)

TYPE: Ladies
LEADER: Marilyn Edwards
LOCATION: Bishops Home (Smithfield)
DAY & TIME: Tuesday, 6:45 Pm – Sept. 18th
Description: Living From the Presence (Heidi Baker)

This is a study of our walk with God that is not about information or activity; it’s about living from the Presence of the One who has made us His dwelling place!  Hopefully taking us on a journey from information, to revelation, to transformation, learning to practically live this supernatural lifestyle on a daily basis. 


The Deborah Anointing

TYPE: Ladies (Inter-denominational Group)
LEADER: Denise Lee
LOCATION: Warwick Church Coffee Shop
DAY & TIME: Tuesday, 6:30 PM
DESCRIPTIONThe Deborah Anointing

Women of God, it’s time to rise up and embrace the calling God has for you. Like the Old Testament leader Deborah, you can be a woman who defies the cultural and gender boundaries around you and fulfill God’s great destiny as a strategic intercessor, and prophet. As you learn about this judge and leader who lived many years ago, you’ll be emboldened to become a modern-day Deborah, walking in a lifestyle of prayer and worship, bringing others to Jesus.


Just Open the Door – A Study of Biblical Hospitality

TYPE: Ladies
LEADER: Lisa West
LOCATION: Woman’s Room Second Floor
DAY & TIME: Thursday, 6:30 PM – October 4th
DESCRIPTION: Just Open the Door – A Study of Biblical Hospitality

Over 7 sessions, look to people in the bible as your model for hospitality. Learn to replace cultural expectations with biblical hospitality to create a legacy of invitation and reflect Jesus through simple acts of service.


Relentless (John Bevere)

TYPE: Single Adults
LEADER: Charlie and Lyn Krager
LOCATION: Hampton – Michael Woods
DAY & TIME: Friday, 6:30PM
DESCRIPTION: Relentless (John Bevere)

You are destined for strength in this life! In Relentless, you will discover the champion’s view of hardship and learn how to overcome every trial and tribulation you face.  




Destine to Win

TYPE: Adults
LEADER: Pastor Jim Rodriguez / Kay Magnusen
LOCATION: Warwick Church
DAY & TIME: Sunday, 9:00 AM
DESCRIPTION: Destine to Win

For the next 8 weeks we will study a series entitled “Destined to Win”. One of the common threads we find with some Biblical characters is that there was a moment where it seemed as though they were face to face with a moment that changed their destiny. We understand God sets the moment; our part is to understand the possibilities that lie before us. It seemed in some of these moments they were not aware of the moment, and just stepped into them. This series will consider Esther, Jacob, David and others you will discover that the obstacles that needed to be overcome, if not they would be denied the moment.  (#)


History of Worship Renewal

TYPE: General
LEADER: Pastor Karen Clark
LOCATION: Warwick AG, Conference Room
DAY & TIME: Sunday, 9:00 AM
DESCRIPTION: History of Worship Renewal

Authentic worship, Divine action, human response and the work of the Holy Spirit: All of these topics flow into discovering and forming a biblical theology of worship and renewal.  Worship renewal needs perspective that contains the newer practices, integrates them with a historical perspective that has dealt with the tension between new and old, and looks past the periphery to include the rich, timeless theology provided by the Scriptures.  Let’s delve into this topic and see what the Holy Spirit wants to show us concerning worship renewal for us personally and corporately.



TYPE: Middle/High School Students
LEADER: Pastor Caleb Harris
LOCATION: Warwick AG, Masters brew Coffee Shop
DAY & TIME: Sunday, 9:00 AM
DESCRIPTION: The Armor of God

All day, every day, an invisible war rages around youth. A cunning, devilish enemy seeks to wreak havoc on everything that matters to you – your mind, your family and friends, your dreams, your future. The Armor of God teen study book will help equip students to fight back against the enemy.


Radiant Life

TYPE: 70 and older (Not limited to listed ages) 
LEADER: Glenn and Selma Jones
LOCATION: Room 140
DAY & TIME: Sunday, 9:00 AM
TOPIC: The life of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the letters to Timothy and Titus


TYPE: 55 and up ( Not limited to listed ages0
LEADER: Connie and Nat Williams
DAY & TIME: Sunday, 9:00 AM Room 309
TOPIC: Finding and following the will of God
        through the help of the Holy Spirit.  This quarter we will be doing a series on Boot Camp: Believers Staying Battle Ready!

K-5th Grade

TYPE: Kids, K-5th grade
LEADER: Jennie Vaught/Corinne Ellis
DAY & TIME: Sunday, 9:00 AM
LOCATIONPreschool Hall Room 119 – Green Room

Topic: GPH Curriculum: Jesus has power to heal, Jesus has all power and His power shows His love.


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Living From the Presence
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History of Worship Renewal

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